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The Essential Collection

As trends come and go, one thing stays true: our Essential Collection.

At the core of our brand is a collection that continuously stands the test of time, proving itself a staple of any wardrobe. Based on our Scandinavian heritage, the Essential Collection combines functionality with a classic unisex design, encapsulating the philosophy that a bag should be worn, used, and lived in. Bags live in the juxtaposition of usability and fashion - a piece that both fits our aesthetic expression and provides a practical design that can be used daily. The Essential Collection does exactly this, providing a home away from home wherever you go.

Working towards a more sustainable tomorrow, a vast majority of our Essential pieces are produced in recycled polyester. New fibres are spun using discarded nylon and plastic waste and weaved into a new fabric, ensuring the quality you know and love in a more responsible version.

Our travel collection provides peace of mind on your journey, ensuring you can get from A to B comfortably. The Essential suitcases and weekend bags optimise space for packing, with careful details that make them the perfect companion for long and short trips. The versatile Gweneth bag is a tried-and-true companion that can be used for anything from work to the gym and all your needs in between. Designed with the Scandinavian weather in mind, the No Rain collection keeps your belongings dry with a minimalist expression that fits any look.

Together, they make a collection we are proud to reintroduce - a collection that represents our classic, functional and sustainable approach to design.