Practical and trendy DAY ET shopper bags

A shopper bag is a versatile bag, useful for many different everyday tasks, not just shopping. The bags designed by DAY ET reflects this. Our DAY ET Gweneth Bag, is arguably our most famous design, known for its utility and versatility, as well as its impeccable and minimalistic design. This bag reflects the qualities of the memorable Mary Poppins bag; one can carry infinite many belongings in it. The spaciousness is, however, not only limited to our Gweneth Bag, as all our shopper bags will have room for whatever you need to carry.


A shopper bag is also a work bag, a gym bag, a grocery bag, get-away bag, etc.

Whatever kind of bag you’re on the search for, a shopper bag is usually the answer. Of course, keep in mind its main purpose when choosing what design, you prefer though. If it’s for work go for an everyday affordable luxury bag such as a bag with leather, tweed or a different detail. If you’re simply looking for a bag to solve your problems, pick the DAY ET Gweneth bag, as it can be used for simply everything. It is durable and of course spacious and practical given its multifunctional design with the zipper-closed main compartment and wide straps.

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Accessorize in style with a DAY ET shopper bag

Every season, DAY ET releases a series of beautiful shopper bags, where there certainly will be a bag that catches your eyes. Our classic Gweneth bag comes in a number of trendy prints and colours ensuring that your shopper bag will elevate your look. If you would like a timeless and versatile bag though, pick it in a neutral colour or print. However, some shopper bag designs are only seasonal too, so be quick to get the perfect DAY ET shopper for you. The shopper bag is essentially “just” a means of carrying things from A to B, but with a DAY ET shopper bag you will do so in style. In our shopper bags you can easily fit your makeup bag, wallet and all your other accessories.