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DAY ET shoulder bag – an essential to any woman

If you’re looking for a shoulder bag, you’ve come to the right place. There’s something for every taste as our range includes hundreds of designs and styles. Fall in love with the timeless design of the Gweneth tote, or the playful design of our leather bags and the seasonal collections. With our shoulder bags available in a wide range of design, sizes, prints and colours, you will be sure to find your must-have shoulder bag here.


Channel your style while being practical

Shoulder bags don’t come in just one size or shape, as they are required to accommodate the needs of very different people. Therefore, expect to find yourself in a difficult spot when choosing between our many chic options, because there is always a reason why you need both this bag and that bag. While it is almost always a requirement for a shoulder bag to be practical, why shouldn’t it also be a requirement for it to be stylish and personal? With our choice of patterns and colours, you will find a shoulder bag that channels your style. If you’re looking for an everyday staple shoulder bag, search for a timeless bag in a practical design with neutral colours or prints. Black, navy, brown or dark green would be traditional colours for this, however, do also consider a subtle print or a cream, grey or pastel colour for a classic yet modern look.


Make a statement with a DAY ET shoulder bag

The bag is the icing on the cake, so it would be no surprise if you’re here searching for a bag to finish off your outfit with. Take a look at some of our more playful patterns and colours found in our seasonal collections. They can make the whole difference. To make a statement consider a bright colour. Even if the colour or pattern is challenging the idea of your style and what it would go with in your wardrobe, give it a chance – perhaps this bag is all you need to view your wardrobe in a whole new light. Find the perfect wallet to match you shoulder bag and decorate you bag with one of our stylish scarves