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The perfect beauty bag – multifunctional and chic

A beauty bag is what most would agree is a woman’s necessity, yet that does not mean its quality nor design should be neglected. From floral prints and neon colours, to quilt patterns and neutral colours, we’ve got all styles you can dream of. And we’ve got them in different shapes and sizes too. Therefore, if you’re looking for a cosmetic bag, you’ve come to the right place, because we have definitely got the one that suits exactly your needs.


Add elegance and individuality to your beauty routine

The various look of our beauty bags will ensure that there is always one for you or for one of your beloveds. A style suitable for all ages could be a Gweneth Mini or Beauty bag in neutral colours and shapes. Due to our high-quality and timeless design such cosmetic bag could be used for years. Alternatively, you can use various prints to channel your personality and style by updating your cosmetic bag in our seasonal fabrics and colours. You can even match up our Gweneth beauty bag with other Gweneth styles to achieve a complete look. Depending on the size you need choose between our Mini, Beauty or Beauty big cosmetic bags, or even pick a pencil case if you’re looking for one to keep your make-up brushes and mascara in.


Your cosmetic products deserve luxury treatment

Why shouldn’t our beauty products get the luxury treatment of being stored in one of our beauty bags? After all, those products are our luxury treatment. DAY ET cosmetic bags are durable and practical, ensuring that your beauty must-haves are kept safely together. The beauty bags are made for travelling given their multifunctional design that ensures your beauty products will enjoy the trip as much as you. Alternatively, the beauty bags can be used as a stylish feature in your bathroom, while it is used to keep your beauty essentials at hand. Regardless of their uses, our cosmetic bags will certainly give your beauty products the luxury treatment, like they give to you. Our cosmetic bags are designed in the same materials and patterns as many of our shopper bags. They are also perfect for organising a baby bag.

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