Day Gweneth RE-Q Floriss Cross

€52,50 €75,00
This edition of the classic Gweneth shoulder bag is made from 100% recycled polyester, which makes it a part of DAY ET sustainable collection. Noticeable visual component is our DAY ET logo that is of green colour signifying that the collection is from recycled fabric. The shopper bag is very spacious therefore it will hold any necessary objects you will use throughout the day: computer, books, food containers, beauty bags and much more. Inside you can find a small pocket with a zipper for the essentials, which is a perfect for prioritising and organising your bag. Advantage of such timeless design is that it can be worn with any style whether it is sporty, fashionable or casual. This bag fits them all, therefore can be worn every day. The subtle flower print makes the bag stand out of the crowd.
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